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Sorting LDAP users

I’'ve looking for a way to sort LDAP users (in the web admin) when using an LDAP server that does not support server-side sorting (openldap). Would I be barking up the wrong tree if I looked into changing UserCollection from an AbstractCollection to and AbstractList? That way sort() is available in worst cases - a config switch could branch between using the internal vs. server-side sorting.

If there is a chance this would be accepted, I could code it up this weekend or so. I just have an admin-type whining at me (I suggested Jive/XMPP over MSN for our users - now everything is my fault


Ok, I checked this feature into CVS (JM-161). Starting with tomorrow’‘s nightly build, you should be able to enable client-side sorting by setting ldap.clientSideSorting to true in your messenger.xml file. I’'m going to keep the feature disabled by default, since it could cause significant slow-downs in large directories.