Source actually available?

Im begining to wonder if its “me”/“netbeans”, ive followed directions given in threads and documents regarding opening openfire as a “project” in netbeans.

Ive downloaded src from the zip -and- installed an SVN proram and downloaded the -entire- trunk for openfire -and- spark.

after this ive created both Java project from exsisting sources and Java free-form project, followed instructions given in threads and the compling spark for dummies document, regardless of methord or entire day effort, various packages are coming up as “not exsisting” in both openfire source and spark.

is there something wrong with whats available via SVN?

If you want to verify the full source is there and is correct, from the command line go to the build directory and run “ant”. If it builds with no errors, you have everything.

a great tip

Netbeans has its own build/build and clean features, and with “form exsisting sources” it does use the build.xml file included.

the primary error thats thrown during “clean and build” is

"bad class file: C:\Documents and Settings\My Documents\NetBeansProjects\Spark\src\java\org\jivesoftware\AccountCreationWizar

file does not contain class org.jivesoftware.AccountCreationWizard"

the package “org.jivesoftware.smack” doesnt exsist.

Do you get this error from a clean Spark source tree? Or after trying to import it into netbeans?

The smack package is in the smack.jar included with the source (build/lib/dist)

“clean Spark source tree”

sorry not familiar with the terminology your using.

the error message is from netbeans after following

By “clean source tree” I mean, unziped or retrieved from SVN before doing anything with netbeans. The document you mention is contributed by a community member, not Jive Software, so you may want to ask the author of it questions of how he did it. I do not use Netbeans to build openfire or other projects; I only use it for the editor.

Yes, i have a “root” copy that i copy -from- into the netbeans project folder (which is where netbeans is pointed), netbeans doesnt get to touch the “root” copy.

smack is available to netbeans “Spark” project via build\lib + <default package>

if you use netbeans (6.1?) it seems a good number of posters also do, would it be possible for a “source package” for Openfire and Spark be done?

something that can be put into the netbeansprojects folder and be up and running from there?

Im not a big fan of including IDE project files in svn for public projects. Especially for multiple IDE’s since they will quickly get out of sync with eachother.

Here is what I did, step by step:

File->New Project

Selected “Java Free-Form Project”

Location: Where the source is

Build Script: build/build.xml

Accepted defaults for the build/run actions

Source Package Folders: src/java and src/plugins

Test Package Folders: src/test

Java Sources Classpath: Added all jars in build/lib build/lib/dist build/lib/merge and build/lib/src

Left project Output blank

You might want to leave the src/test and src/plugins off though, it gets confused with the package names not matching up correctly.

Again, I never use Netbeans to actually build/run/debug anything, I do that manually from the commandline.

Excellent, finally three days in XD

had to add jmf.Jar by hand

build/lib/src does not exsist

as a note Netbeans -will- build it for you (tested it and it does work), in the project properties change the build options from “run” = “run tests” to “run” = “release”

i did this and it worked