Source For SMACK (for SPARK 2.7.3)

Hello there,

I’m trying to debug SMACK API usage in SPARK 2.7.3 but my source(latest downloaded from git) does not match with the libs used by SPARK.

Can somebody point me as to how I can get the relevant SMACK source for a this specific version of SPARK.



Spark is using very old version of Smack (3.3.1), which is probably not on Github. Not sure if this will do, but here FishEye: browsing smack/branches/smack_3_3_1/source/org/jivesoftware/smack

I’ve been looking for the same thing. The fisheye browser helps some, but it doesn’t have the ability enabled to download the full archive for 3.3.1. Also, it appears that the svn access has been disabled, so I can’t check it out

This makes debugging plugins a bit more painful since we can step through the smack source to better understand how things are working.

Any ideas?

Actually i’ve been corrected that older Smack can be found on GitHub as well. Just have to go to the appropriate tag. igniterealtime/Smack at 3.3.1 · GitHub

older smack versions were just recently tagged.