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Spak freezes when starting conversation

I have about 80 clients installed spark across the enterprise and the following occurs: when user A wants to talk to user B, the Spark client freezes. The same happens when the user B wants to talk to user A.
This happens nothing but these two users ie user A does not happen with any other contact in your list and not user B with no other contact in your list.

Already proved Spark and reinstalling Java, but the problem persists.

From already, thank you very much.

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Dear … I found the solution and I share it with you …

The two users are enabled to save your conversations in a history … history that is stored in the user profile folder Spark in XML format file. This file had more than 350 Kb … that does not seem much but for much conversation log. Back up that file and delete it with Spark closed. After that the user “A” starts session and can converse normally with user “B” again.

Esperoa that someone would be useful, greetings.

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Thanks for decision this problem/ This answer - Help me too But my problem start from 200kB file size.

Thank you very much!!!