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Spam Account

For the Administrators of the community,

here is a spammer to delete: https://community.igniterealtime.org/people/ritabb

Hope a “mark as spam button” will come in the future to improve the community features.

I see that this user have created 260 documents, but they are already deleted (by someone else). I will delete the user itself. For regular content there is “Report abuse” button on the side. Did you mean spam via private messages? Though i don’t see that this user had sent any PMs. These forums is no a product made by IgniteRealtime. It is provided by JiveSoftware and we can’t modify it. Reporting spam in private messages has been requested as a feature many years ago, but sadly, they do not add it.

Thx, yes it was spam via private message, so unfortunatly no button

And the next One: