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Spam issues and work arounds

Status updates are not used to much in this community, and when they are used then likely by spammers.

Can we disable them completely?

Anyone who wants to keep them?

Admin URL: http://community.igniterealtime.org/admin/wallentry-settings.jspa

There are two areas where link / keyword interceptors do not work: personal content and groups. It’s possible to disable personal content, maybe we should do this.

ive.usercontainer.document.enabled = false

jive.usercontainer.thread.enabled = false

jive.usercontainer.poll.enabled = false

I would then adjust robots.txt do disable indexing of groups - to get “Brazil” or “Community Planning” indexed by Google we would need to create spaces for them.

By the way, Jive 4.5 did reach the EOL, so it may be time to update to Jive 6.

Personally i would disable status updates (not using it myself and it’s a bit of useless “social” feature imho). Private content is not needed in my opinion. Many new users often confuse this and post documents not public, but private to some users or themselves, so only moderators can see them. Disabling this would help in this situation.

As about Jive 5-6. I don’t like it and i have posted about this here http://community.igniterealtime.org/message/227497#227497 It is just flat bloated “social” activity bla bla… thing. I would have to hop a lot here and there to get all the information, when i can see all on one page now. Btw, Benjamin was planning to update 4.5.x with a newer patch, so some maintenance is still available. And he mentioned that 5-6 doesn’t have any imrpovements on spam filtering.

I just posted about this in http://community.igniterealtime.org/thread/49773

I’m fine patching to 4.5.8… and if we want to upgrade to Jive 6 after that, I’m fine doing that also. Don’t feel we have to jump to 6.0 now or never.

My only concern about 6.0 is it will take a bit of work to adjust the UI to Ignite’s use case… and likely that means not worrying about maintaining the same theme as the current website.

That said, I can probably come up with a place to do demo Jive 6… without Ignite data… but yeah.

Well, it would be more useful to demo Jive 6 with the real data, but i guess it could be really hard just for the demo (though it can show some issues we can face if we do move to 6, better to find out with a demo than after actual moving). Of course a demo without data can be useful too, though i can “demo” plenty on Jive’s Community page