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Spam post eradication

um, can we get the spam deleted somehow? it would be nice to have a monitor clean up the bad postings.

Did you go into the threads and report them with the link as you are supposed to do…

for one spam thread this is fine but doing this 20 times s**ks

Obviously this site needs more moderators, than just one looking here occasionally. Maybe this will change after moving this community into community’s hands.

I deleted the spam users. But yes, we should enable more people to be “user admins”. Any suggestions on who should have that right?



Hi Matt,

I’d like to provide a link to http://www.communityspark.com/getting-more-from-your-moderators/ before one shouts “/me”. Maybe you should create one or more documents which describe rules for moderators and the “site rules”.

Provide your moderators with a clear understanding on how you want them to deal with abusive members of your community.” - This question will likely be asked by new moderators, one can lock or delete accounts. I prefer locking out users instead of deleting them.

We don’t have spam problems too often, a moderator could also answer threads with 0 replies within the last 7 days or things like that.


Yes. New moderators need some rules, not just to know what to do in different situations, but to behave same. As about the candidates. Well, i’m not such active in these forums as i was. Not much news here and probably got tired to answer same questions, also distracted by other things. But i suppose i can look into forums twice per day or so, just to check if there is no mess. As about answering all threads with 0 replies, this could be too much for me. I usually select few of them time to time, but more often i just don’t know what to answer and what to suggest. Does it have to be obligatory for a moderator to do this? In this case i won’t be shouting /me and will continue doing as much as i can


if Jive does not write a community and a moderators guide I’ll start writing one, and I’ll make the members responsible for threads they don’t get an answer within days. Eg. refine your question, use search, post more details, …