Spanish problems

Spark 2.6.0. beta2 has problems with spanish characters and some words are not translated. For example, in the login page I red “contrase-a” instead of “contraseña” (see attachments).

Any ideas how to solve this?



you may want to read and get the Spark i18n files. There you can add missing translations and post them here, likely in a new thread as bug report or patch.

This problem with “contrase-a” could also be a font problem. I wonder whether the used font does support “ñ”. Or the Spanish i18n file has a bug.


If you open the Spark\lib\spark.jar file with an archiver (e.g. 7-zip), you will find i18n dir there with the file which contains spanish translation. You can extract and modify that file. You should know, that this file have to be converted to unicode after editing it. Personally i use Netbeans to compile Spark, and it also lets you to edit language files and converts them to unicode automatically. After you have fixed Spanish translation, you can upload it here and then developers can update it in Spark. This is the best way. Or you will have to wait for someone else with Spanish knowledge to fix that translation file.

I can translate it and then upload it to help with the project.

I made some corrections and aditions to the

But the “ñ” problem persists, even thought the is correcty. I think the font is the problem. Is there any way to change this without recompiling?


I think Spark is using system fonts and doesnt have built-in fonts.

Using Popeye I noticed that the Spanish file is AWFUL. So I’m translating it from scratch. I’ll post it later.


I would suggest to do your translation using the latest english translation file. At least 2.6.0 Beta 2 or maybe SVN one. Because some patches added new preferences or menu options.

Hi Oleg,

so “Guide for Translators” is quite useful as it contains the “svn” link. Your “Guide for Translators” thread is still somewhere in this forum but quite hard to find.


Here is this thread

, but the link to svn is outdated here. Btw, there is the correct svn link in your wiki document i18n