Spanish Spell check

Hi where do i found the module for the spanish language spell checker.

I’ve been looking for it and can’t find it here nor on jive.

Tanks in advance.

There is no and won’t be any additional language spelling with the current spelling plugin. Unless someone will add some other spelling plugin (opensource and freeware) to Spark. So, no Spanish.

Here is a spellchecker that supports spanish
spellchecker.jar (1020113 Bytes)

It sais it was released by Jive Software. Where did you get this?

It was created by me!

Sorry, I have copy the plugin.xml from another plugin!

I’ve forgotten to change it.

I see that it supports English out of box. Maybe you ment that spanish dic file can be added to it? This can be a replacement for the current proprietary plugin. If you wish to contribute of course You can post about it in the Contributors group ( Then we can test it and maybe add to the source. One issue what i see is that it can’t be disabled, or i didnt find an option for that.

Now you can disabled and enabled it.
spellchecker.jar (1023557 Bytes)