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Spark 1.0.2 Bugs

Just started testing Spark 1.0.2, and I’'m happy to see that all the critical bugs we saw in 1.0.1 (search crashes Spark, Spark creates conferences nobody can join) are fixed. Many thanks to the development team!

However, I’‘ve noticed a new minor interface bug that exists in the Windows version (don’‘t have a Mac to test with): If I’'ve got a chat window open, close the buddy list, and then click on the system tray icon to make the buddy list visible again, it hides the chat window. Then, the only way I can make the chat window reappear is to double click someone in my buddy list.

It’‘s not a big deal, and it’‘s easy to work around, but it’'s probably worth fixing before the next release.

Hi unit3,

I’'m not able to reproduce your problem on my system (winXP). Call out to the community If anyone else can reproduce this, please let me know.



Hrm, we just reproduced it here on another WinXP system, the first box was a Server 2003 system. Both are domain members, although that shouldn’'t really have any bearing on things?

I can’'t reproduce this problem either. (Windows XP SP2 and in a 2003 AD Domain)

Ok, now I go and test it again, and the problem is gone… it looks like it only occurred when Spark was launched right after the initial install. If I’‘ve quit and restarted Spark since then, the problem disappears. I’‘ve verified this on both machines that originally had the problem, so I guess it’'s pretty much a non-issue.

Just an FYI: I saw the same exact behavior after I started using Spark the first time after installing the 1.0.2 client. Just like unit3 saw, the problem went away after closing/relaunching Spark.