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Spark 2.0.0 beta Printing

Is it possible to fix the printing option in Spark? When you try to print a convo in Spark, the margins are not correct; it cuts off the last 5 characters. This has been an issue since the early versions.


Thanks for the report. We will get this fixed for the 2.0 release. You can track it with SPARK-316.

Thank You,



Hi Derek,

I see that this issue is marked as fixed, but I have the same problem with 2.5.1 version.

When i print chat window, I don’'t see all the text in the right part of the page

I second that. We are using Spark 2.5.2, and it cuts off the last few characters when it prints. Seems like it’'s a margin issue, to me.

This bug is definitely not resolved.

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