Spark 2.0.1 systray problems

sometimes when i start spark in does not appear in the systray. I then need to close spark by the taskmanager and restart it. This process needs to be redone several times before i get my systray icon visible.

I am running windows XP SP2.

My spark starts with the following preferences enabled: Auto Login, Launch on Startup, Start in System Tray.


What JRE version are you using?

In your \Spark\logs directory, there should be a file called: spark-error.log.

Is there anything in this file by chance?

We’'re experiencing exactly the same issue, but I think I have tracked down what causes the problem - for us anyway. Would be curious to whether this matches your experiences ronjon.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Launch Spark (2.1.0 for us).

  2. Login, ensuring “Auto-login” and “Save Password” are ticked.

  3. Go to Preferences and enable “Start in System Tray” (start hidden).

  4. Logout and close Spark.

  5. Change the password on the Spark account being used for testing.

  6. Open Spark again.

Viola, Spark is running (spark.exe appears in processes list), but no sign of it in the system tray (and hence no way to use it or close it again). I can reproduce this consistently in our environment (using Windows XP fat clients and a WIndows 2003 Termin Server is that makes any difference).

I guess Spark must be trying to prompt you to re-enter your password, but the start hidden setting overrides everything else and hence you can’'t see the login window / prompt.

One caveat: In our envioronment, Spark is connecting to Wildfire 3.0.1, which is using Active Directory for users and authentication. I can’'t easily test whether the above issue is only present when using AD, or whether it is present in all environments, but at the very least AD exacerbates the problem - our users are semi-regularly prompted to change their AD password (which means the saved password in Spark is now wrong, and triggers this issue), whereas users in non-AD integrated environments are more likely to change their password through Spark itself (which I assume would update the saved password).

Hope that all makes sense - does that perhaps explain your issues ronjon?

Also, this is a bug that needs to be fixed - is posting it in here enough to get it some attention, or is there an official bug reporting form somewhere?



Thank you so much for the detailed bug report. I went ahead and fixed it

Track issue with SPARK-366



No problem - thanks for the very quick response time What is the behavior in this situation now - even if start hidden is enabled, Spark brings up the login window when authentican fails?

While I’‘ve got your attention, could you possibly please also take a look at issue #2 in Given that another user reports the same behavior I’'m imagining it may be a bug.

I did a quick search in the Spark Issue Tracker software and couldn’'t find any reference to it being a known bug… happy to provide screenshots / error logs if it helps.