SPARK 2.0.1 working on the DUTCH translation

Hi all,

Just wanted to let all of you know I’'m busy on a Dutch translation.

I’'ve already got a rough draft wich is about 80% complete, with most of the daily activities translated.

The only problem is I don’'t know who to turn to to get the translation into the trunk, should I e-mail somebody or something?



Hi Loeki,

When you are done, could you send the final draft to I’'ll add it to the build.

Thank you so much for taking the time to do the translation. We love community participation.




I am running in some snags with the translation though.

For example, the “Conferences” button in the main screen won’'t translate.

Neither will the File Transfer settings dialogue titles.

Anyway, I’'ll keep you posted.

Those are probably just over sites on my end in the code base. There are a couple gaps that i’'m looking to fill up asap.


I-II |)3123|<,

0||3 5|-|4117 vv012|< 0|| 4 1337 7124//514710//.


Today I’'ve sent the (first version of) the Dutch translation for inclusion into the tree.

Any comments are welcome of course.

And although I’‘d personally like a 1337 translation, I don’‘t think it’‘ll ever catch on with the bunch of complete n00bs I’'ve got over here

The_Loeki wrote:

And although I’'d personally like a 1337 translation

So you would need a 1337 regional setting