Spark 2.0.2 Question

Hello all.

Just upgraded to 2.0.2, very nice! Lots of handy enhancements, thanks so much for your efforts. I do have one question. I run dual monitors, and leave my main spark window open all day on the second screen, manually “tiled” in amongst a bunch of other windows. I keep it tall and skinny, about 120x295 pixels. This used (1.1.4) to yield at least 5 contacts visible in my list. Now, with 2.0.2 I only get 3. Is there any way to edit the window? I would like the avatar, name, toolbar buttons upper area to be not so tall, and don’'t really need the Search bar or Contacts and Conferences tabs below, as they take up vertical space as well. Any suggestions? Thanks all.


You see. Spark is an american product. So it’‘s just like american cars, big and flat Yes, it’'s taking to much precious space. I dont use avatar e.g. But Jive is very slow in making their client more customizable. They like to polish they client by themselves only

What would be idea imho would be an online source editor for these type of things, a bit like the spark skinning service they offer.

Its all well and good editing the source, but not feasible each time there is an upgrade as there fairly frequent, so an online editor with a save your settings button would be grand.

I know this isn’'t probably easy, but would be a good bolton to the skinning service so could be charged for with that to cover there costs as a free server and client where you just pay couple hundred a year for the skinning is excellent value.

I’'m not, however, a fan of this per user pricing for the .com version as this causes a number of problems for me:

  • we have a few users, some use it once a month, some daily, all costing the same!

  • people come and go all the time, so admin would go up, at the moment we can just leave there user ids on as it doesnt pose security probs as its ‘‘just’’ a chat client.

  • Getting ref’‘s, po’'s blah blah and all the paperwork each time a user appears, or refund (dont know if you can) when one dissapears would be a right pain in the posterior.

Probably a little off topic, but hopefully someone from the .com site will be around to read it!

Any thoughts?!?!?



Hi Ian,

I’'m a Wildfire Enterprise customer.

The skinning is definately a nice touch for the client. But I do agree, alittle more customisation would be even better! I’‘m sure they’'ll add more in future.

As for the license side of things… As far as i’'m aware (and have confirmed this with Kelly @ Jive) the wildfire license is a concurrent user license… So… You can actually have as many ‘‘users’’ as you like… but only the ‘‘paid’’ amount can be signed in at any time.

Also, when getting the Wildfire Enterprise, you also get the FastPath plugin for all users… So you can use the webchat & queuing functionality.

We are still in the ‘‘testing’’ phase at my work, but it shouldn’‘t be long and we’'ll be live with both Spark & Webchat.



I think were using it slightly differently to most, i.e. not just for internal use. We have no corporate LAN as such, so use it over the web, and also we like giving access to our clients while were on a job for them.

Even with concurrent users being licenced it would still mean editing the user lists all the time as we’'d have to take them off to stop them eating into our pool of licences after the job was finished etc (were only a company of 10 and so some months our user list would double / treble and then back down again!). Most of our jobs are 1-2 weeks and may involve many external users… the downside of giving a select few at a client access is everyone wants one (needed or not) as its the latest toy for them to play with, so also spend there time just leaving it logged in while not using it; autoblock would also not work unless its user configurable (i.e. kick some users after idel for x min but not others)???




the design of version 2.x is indeed a little more space-consuming. I did ask for a changed design in without any reply so far.


So it sounds like currently there is nothing I can do, is that right? Not a hug deal, but I would be nice if the option to compact the main spark window to only contacts (even no top title bar) would be great. I’'m still hoping my request (SPARK-295) for no status bar entry (along the bottom Windows desktop) can be implemented, that would save even more space. Thanks for your time.