Spark 2.0.3 Released

We are pleased to announce the release of Spark 2.0.3. This has some small but important fixes, including connection to gmail and improved gateway detection.




Thanks! But where can I download the source code ?

You can obtain the source code for Spark by using an subversion client.

If you have one then just do a checkout of the code.

Here is the link:

You can find this and the source for the other projects in the Developers section above.

Or link:

If you don’'t not have a subversion client, you can download fairly easy and they are even easier to use.

For windows the popular one is Tortoise.

If you are using a Linux with Debian based packages (such as Ubuntu)

Just do: sudo apt-get install subversion.


After install this version, the search of users stops to respond. Anybody have this same problem?

Same problem here, the search just keeps spinning, on Windows as well as Mac OS X. We are using LDAP adn have about 86 users.

Well shoot. That does seem to not be working. I’'m going to get this fixed asap and do another release. Sorry about that.



Hey Derek, just an update on the spark devel.

NOTHING but high praise from everyone in my organization. Pass this along to the rest of the team as well. GOOD WORK!.