Spark 2.0.3 request! ;)

I just poseted this in the Spark 2.0.2 released message, but since its now a huge thread, and though my user incompetance managed to get it stuck half way down rather than at the end thought i’'d post it again… would be a nice to have in 2.0.3!

p.s. top stuff on 2.0.2 - love the screenshot select an area dump and spark moving itself out of the way automatically.



see below -


Just found the ctrl-f5 (task) / ctrl-f6 (notes) stuff. Great!

Can we have these added to the menu system (actions?)?

ctrl-f is a pain as we have those newfangled media keyboards that dont have the f keys enabled by default (there used for undo / redo / new / open / blah blah) and so going via f lock ctrl-{f whatever} is a pain… and also there fairly unknown features hidden by a keypress rather than a menu system (how many users actually know these top functions exist??).



p.s. notes added to users would be great!!! i.e. when a convo window is open you can add specific notes ‘‘tagged’’ to another user.

Yep i agree… Get those functions in the Spark Menu’'s…

I never woulda found the task & notepad if i didn’'t read the 2.0.2 released thread…

Notes for each person… Not really required, but i guess some people might use it?


I’'ll vote for it!

Would use it for telephone notes, meetings, etc.



These are some great Ideas and all, but It would be a lot better as a Plugin instead of a core feature. I myself like and use the Notes and TODO quite a bit, but in past IM developments there is a lot more people who want it to be strictly an IM application. You start throwing in to many features and you get a bloated app.

So hopefully it can be a Plugin rather then a core feature.

Spark 2.0.3 was released today, and the only issue I see so far is below…

If you have your password stored and auto login enabled, when you log out, you are automatically logged back in without clicking anything. In other words, you have to disable your auto login to be able to ever log out or stay on the logon screen when you open the software.

This is not a huge deal, but I see no one has posted anything on it yet, and I do not know how to create a new thread.


nevermind…found how to make a new thread…

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