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Spark 2.0.8 Active Tab Highlight Contrast too light

Spark 2.0.8 Active Tab Highlight Contrast too light

Users testing 2.0.8 report the contrast indicating the active tab is far too light to clearly tell which tab is the currently active tab. During testing they found it far too easy to enter the wrong msg into the wrong tabbed chat window.

The contrast on the buddy list is actually darker then the contrast on a conference room or chat window. The borders on the tabs on the buddy list are more clear and that might be the issue if the contrast is identical.

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Thanks for the feedback. I’'ve gone ahead and darkened the color in trunk for the upcoming 2.5 beta release.



Were the active/idle tabs colors swapped in recent versions of Spark? I mean in the Roster window (Contacts - Conferences). Cause now i often fail to hit the right tab. Of course i see which tab is active by a content of window, but some time ago it was very intuitive. So now active is darker. Strange and unusual. IgniteRealtime.org main menu tabs are brighter when active. Message editor in IgniteRealtime has a brighter color for an active tab. Finally, Firefox has a brighter color for an active tab I think dimmed, darker objects are intuitively considered as idle. Like a lamp (On | OFF). What do you think?

Of course, this is hard to combine colors when you have a Stale state .

Before I saw this thread I started my own on this subject at http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/thread/29058. I agree that the active tab being darker is strange and unusual. It’s not only on the Spark roster window, but also on the conversation window.