Spark 2.0.8 - Conference Room GUI Glitch

When auto-join is used to load 2 chatrooms at login the mini icons for Smilies & Spellcheck do not appear and the bar where they normally reside is shrunk to a thin line that can be dragged up and down to allow for more text entry space. It’'s not possible to restore the bar via drag.

Closing the auto-joined rooms and starting them manually then shows the Smilies & Spellcheck icons as expected. Restarting Spark 2.0.8 with auto-join causes the problem to re-occur.

I’‘ve rebuilt the user profile and started from scratch, problem still occurs. I’'ve deleted the and even with the default layout it still occurs. Appears to be a bug.

Was able to reproduce. This is definetly a bug. I’'ve file SPARK-484 to fix this issue.



Related to Conference and Chat Window GUI. I think it should save window position, and especialy frame sizes of Conference window. Dont know why, but many clients are doing the same. So i must resize them every time.


I hvae just install spark 2.0.8 and found same issue, Join on startup doesn’‘t work for conference. It wan’'t issue with 2.0.7.