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Spark 2.5.0 Beta 4: Suggestions

So i have convinced my IT coworker to try Spark (our local IM network is based on Exodus client, for 2 years now). Especially after giving him to read http://www.igniterealtime.org/blog/2007/03/19/spark-goodies/

So, he had a few ideas about what can be improved.

He had rejected my file transfers few times at first. And complained that Accept and Reject are not much different. He ment these buttons has the same color. So at first it wasnt intuitive what to press. Well, i’‘m not seeing big problem there. But maybe it’'s a good suggestion to make buttons more distinguish. Maybe red for Reject. Maybe “Cancel” would sound better for Windows junkees

After transfer is accepted you have two options “Open” and “Open folder”. Though one can change default folder in preferences, but sometimes you want to save some file to a particular folder. So it can be useful to have “Save as” dialog option as long.

And finally. He has tried to create his own group of favorite contacts, and complained that he had to fill contact’'s username instead of what he was seeing in roster - Name Surname. Maybe there could be some browse option to scroll through the roster and select person you want to add to some selected group. And he mentioned that local groups could look different (icon, color of group name, etc.) so you could find it faster in roster filled with dozen of shared groups.

So, that’‘s all for now. But i’'m sure he will find more issues. But so far he likes Spark Buzzing each other all the morning

P.S. what i have noticed, it’'s when my collegue tried to place a call (jingle) to me, popup has appreared with accept and reject buttons and only green presence bubble in center of it. There was no name of a caller.