Spark 2.5.0: Chat window opening with a pause

On Friday i have noticed that some times chat windows are opening only after a ~5 secs or more. It seems that this happens when i want to talk with someone i had talked few days before. It acts normally with users i’‘m talking with all the time. Maybe this is related with history retrieving/loading. This could cause some issues. Personally i know that i have just to wait until chat window appears. But most of users are “noobs”, they think that every program has to start immediately after they double click its icon. And if it doesnt start in a sec they think that they should click and click on. So, i’'m afraid they will be clicking on some contact constantly and maybe this will cause something to Spark itself. And of course, such slow reacting is not welcome.

Thanks for the report Wroot. I’‘ve filed SPARK-708 to look further into this issue. I’'m assuming that we are doing either some network call / loading / memory issue.