Spark 2.5.0 if two client in a diffrent LAN , canot voice chat

i used openfire 3.3.1-1 server, two client vioce chat, it’'s ok in below env and need not media service:

  • The openfire server at internet.
  1. two client both at same LAN;

  2. one client in LAN, and other in internet and have a normal IP.

but it’'s error in below env:

  1. one client in a LAN, and the other in another LAN, and link by internet.

error is:

if not use media service , the “dial” menu not appear;

and if use media service, it can dial, but can not hear voice.

the reason is: the client send a error inner ip to server.

how can i resovle this problem, thanks.

This is a wrong question.

I had resovled this, the reason is i did not put on “ip forward” option on OS.

Hi ,i meet same question as you.Can you tell me more details about how to deal with this ?,Thanks