Spark 2.5.0 related system slowness

First I wanted to thank the developers for putting together such a great product. As others around here seem to say as well, our office started using wildfire/spark as our internal IM solution and it has become indispensable. We’‘d used other servers in the past with very mixed luck and (mostly) standardizing on spark as a client as also helped around the office. The wildfire/spark combo seems solid and we’'re super happy.

And here’'s the but…

We have a number of people in the office complaining that their desktops have become significantly less responsive since they’‘ve upgraded to 2.5.0, myself being one of them. Generally we’‘ve all been quite happy with 2.0.8 and although we like the new look and additional features available in 2.5.0 I have a number of people wanting to revert back to 2.0.8. Unfortunately we don’'t appear to have a copy of the old installer.

Have other people been seeing any significant performance problems after upgrading to the latest version?