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Spark 2.5.0 unstable!? (memory leaks?)


We have updated to Spark 2.5.0 and now we experiance quite a serious issue.

One by one Spark is taking-up 50% of CPU (dual-core machines, hence is 100% on one core) on each of the machines we have upgraded. It does critically impact on PCs performance - they become very unstable and slow.

Only solution is to close spark and startup it again, it than works ok for a while untill i thappens again.

This looks very serious, especialy as this suppose to be the STABLE release.

We have not had that issue while using Spark Betas we have been on ealier.

Just to mention we use Spark .exe installer with bundled JRE on Windows XP Pro machines.

Please advise!


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Hi Spol,

There wasn’‘t any serious changes that occured in Spark to cause something like that to happen. We also haven’'t noticed anything with our own installs. However, the one issue I do know happens is when using animated gifs as avatars. Could this possibly be the case?



We use Wildfire/Spark as our company’'s internal IM system and it is now one of our critical systems.

I am not aware of anyone using avatars at all… although I will have to check.

The strange thing is that it happend only after upgrading to 2.5.0 and it affected ~5 users so far.

We havent had similar problems while using ealier Beta releases.

We have also been experiencing presence related issues with 2.0.8 and 2.5.0 Beta releases

We have people working over the VPN and form different locations all using central Wildfire server.

When there are any, even sightest networking problems Spark tends to go crazy - ie. user roster does not populates after reconnection, users appear offline even though they are online and the other way around , user lists are not complette (ie user can see online status of some other users while others appear offline), etc.

Any ideas?

Oh and another one - we have tried to use ‘‘IM Gatway’’ plugin for interoperalibilty with Yahoo! IM we have used so far - but it made Spark unacceptabley slow and jerky - it sometimes took well over 5 minutes for Spark to startup and populate roster with users, it also was often not starting properly not populating user roster at all.

Those isses have dissapeared after removing IM Gateway plugin from the server.

We have tested IM Gateway plugin up to the stable 1.0 release with same issues.

I’‘ve experienced a memory leak problem with Spark 2.0.8, I haven’‘t had a chance to test it with 2.5.0. Was causing computers in the company to report they were low on resources and made network drives and internet access unavailable. I’‘ll probably file a bug report once I’'ve got a more detailed description back from Microsoft PSS.

Only occurs on computers left on more than 24hrs.


Could you send me your Spark error logs (Help | View Logs). I’'m curious if discovery is just failing.

Thank You,


OK I have some more details on CPU-spike problem.

So it goes like that:


  • In ‘‘Task Manager’’ I can see ‘‘System’’ process taking 50% and ‘‘System Idle Process’’ another 50%, while Spark is using 0-1% tops at the same time.

  • PC becomes unusable - i.e. very slow - cant close windows - windows do not render, etc.

  • All symptoms go away immediately when spark is turned off - ie. System’’ process goes back to normal level of CPU usage and PC becomes responsive again.

When it happens:

User turns on PC, logs in to the domain etc. and than start-ups Spark.

It works ok for some time - random - sometimes few minutes sometimes hour or two.

It happens almost immediately after switching on IE - but it still happens even though IE is not on.

It happens to only one particular group of Users at the company - but I can’t account for any difference that would make it explainable.

Any ideas?



just a thought: Spark includes some plugins. Does it help to rename the plugins folder to plugins.org and start then Spark. You’'ll notice that the Spellchecker is missing and Jingle / VoIP will also not work. But as there is also a JNIWrapper plugin it may help.