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Spark 2.5.2 Avatar Problem

When I point Spark at a JPG file (actually ANY of the usual ones I use for other IM clients) as an Avatar, i get this message back:

Server does not support VCards. Unable to save your Vcard.

I found this thread in the OpenFire forum which seems to be close to my problem:


But I guess my confusion is - what is a Vcard with respect to Spark/Openfire? I thought I was just pointing at a JPG file.

We are running 3.3.1 of OpenFire using AD integration on Win2000 server.

Can this work or is a Vcard just another name for avatar?



a Vcard with respect to Spark/Openfire is a vCard with respect to anything. Your profile on the server is stored and sent out as a vCard.

For whatever reason (and i no idea), the profile when updating is not working for you. This can work, we’'re using 3.3.1 on win2k server and saving avatars and profile information works fine. We are however, not using AD Integration… im not feeling that trustworthy yet :stuck_out_tongue:

The AD part works just fine. I’‘ll poke around in my server setup then and see if I’'ve messed something up there.

Thanks for the reply.

I have AD too and the only way to get avatars working is to use a plugin that hannes created.

look to the bottom of the thread to find version 1.04 which works with Openfire. That is the one I am using and Avatars work great

I just installed that plugin, and all is well. THANKS!