Spark 2.5.3b1 SSO Auto Signin

Quick question. SSO with 2.5.3b1 works with no modifications with my wildfire 3.3.1 environment. However, what I want is the ability for when users log into windows, spark auto launches and auto signs them in with their windows username and password. When you enable SSO “auto-login” disapears… Any workaround for this?

Are you sure it ‘‘works fine’’? Check the other thread running on this.

My guess is that you had an older client and had set it up to remember your username and password. You then upgraded Spark and clicked SSO.

To test this, change your Windows password and try to login with SSO again.


Actually it IS working fine for me as well… BUT I am NOT using AD integration, just the integrated database, ALSO, It is only really partially working… but it is in a way that really is cool for me!!! When I went to ted millers computer, who is logged into our domain as ted miller, but has lets say a spark password of user123 lets just say… I go and enable sso, then I notice that as the first post said, the 2 option boxes are gone (way cool for me!!!) and they login “via sso” as it says , not really…but it works… Now to answer first post real quick, if you go into the file and edit it with notepad or such and make sure the field “autoLoginEnabled=” is set to “true” and NOT “false”, then the next time they exit out of spark, then relaunch it, it WILL autologin… at least it does for my 350 users with 2.5.3 beta 1… now I did notice some things… it is NOT using their password from when they logged on, but their password that was still stored in their file… so it is working great for me as it is right now… I did notice it does, however, get the name from the username of the logged in person, so I ran into a few small problems with people that still logged as rdavis, and their spark username is randy davis… as soon as sso was checked it tried to log them on as rdavis, and changed the name in the file, which then does not work for that person on sso, unless I was to change their login credentials… But anyways even though it isn’'t really fully working for some, I LOVE how it is working for me right now though… it also REALLY helps with the older people in the building that were having trouble with spark after clicking on log off, then spark would pop back up waiting for them to relogin when ready, BUT the auto login box became unchecked EVERY time they manually logged out… so then the next time thy went to use spark the next day or whatever the next time they started their pc… auto login was DISABLED>> … but NOW with the “SSO” partial function, when they log out, it is sitting their at the nice little sso login screen with just their name and server and the login button ALL READY to go, and they next time they start their pc it STILL auto logs on since it no longer disables the auto login after a logout while using sso!! Great job on that even if it is an accidental byproduct!!

Thanks Again Spark Team