Spark 2.5.4 Beta 1 Released

Spark 2.5.4 Beta 1 is now available for download. Some minor fixes are in this release.

The development of the new version is done and it is now time to ensure the product quality!

We ask for volunteers to test the beta release with us. A great place to start is to take a look at the change log and test out each of the areas

Change log can be found here.

Thank You,

Spark Team

No one click roster unhiding (one click roster hiding is not working anymore for a longer time). So when we will have systray plugin for that?

After installing this version with admin rights i couldnt start it with normal user, because it wanted to extract something in Program files. Couldnt it be done during setup? Now i had to launch it with admin rights once.

Selection spanning contacts from different groups is still not working ok. It deselects first group contacts when i right click selected contacts in other group. It shows context menu with conference and broadcast options (and actually SENDS message to all contacts those were selected). But visually i see that some selection dissapears, so i’'m not sure everyone will get my message.


It’'s great that broadcast message now shows what users message was sent to. Just wonder how would this look like if i select 50 contacts (or more) and send a broadcast.