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Spark 2.5.4 crashes on Mac OSX 10.4 as soon as voice chat starts

Launch OSX version of Spark, log in, chat with other users, all is fine. Start a computer-to-computer voice chat, accept on other end (or vice versa, doesn’'t matter who initiates) wait for negotiations to proceed, then when it appears that voice chat should start, boom - JVM exits with native java error.

Yes, it says capture device in use or whatnot, but a full JVM crash? ouch…

Created RTP session at 12816 to: 12776

  • Recevied new RTP stream

The sender of this stream had yet to be identified.

javax.sound.sampled.LineUnavailableException: Another capture device is already open

at com.sun.media.sound.SimpleInputDevice.nOpen(Native Method)

at com.sun.media.sound.SimpleInputDevice.implOpen(SimpleInputDevice.java:275)

at com.sun.media.sound.AbstractMixer.open(AbstractMixer.java:286)

at com.sun.media.sound.AbstractMixer.open(AbstractMixer.java:334)

at com.sun.media.sound.AbstractDataLine.open(AbstractDataLine.java:103)

at com.sun.media.sound.SimpleInputDevice$InputDeviceDataLine.open(SimpleInputDevic e.java:632)

at com.sun.media.sound.AbstractDataLine.open(AbstractDataLine.java:399)

at org.jivesoftware.sparkplugin.JavaMixer.createMixerChildren(JavaMixer.java:164)

at org.jivesoftware.sparkplugin.JavaMixer…crash.log (native state; generated by CrashReporter)

Jul 30 08:35:16 MacBookPro /Users/ebratton/DOWNLOADS/Spark.app/Contents/MacOS/JavaApplicationStub: 4. This data:

Jul 30 08:35:16 MacBookPro /Users/ebratton/DOWNLOADS/Spark.app/Contents/MacOS/JavaApplicationStub: Java VM: Java HotSpot™ Client VM (1.5.0_07-87 mixed mode, sharing)

Jul 30 08:35:16 MacBookPro /Users/ebratton/DOWNLOADS/Spark.app/Contents/MacOS/JavaApplicationStub: Bus Error (0xa) at pc=0x9baa4543

Jul 30 08:35:16 MacBookPro /Users/ebratton/DOWNLOADS/Spark.app/Contents/MacOS/JavaApplicationStub: Process ID: 21904, Current Thread: 25169920

Jul 30 08:35:16 MacBookPro /Users/ebratton/DOWNLOADS/Spark.app/Contents/MacOS/JavaApplicationStub: File report at: http://bugreport.apple.com/

Jul 30 08:35:16 MacBookPro /Users/ebratton/DOWNLOADS/Spark.app/Contents/MacOS/JavaApplicationStub: An error report file has been written to:

Jul 30 08:35:16 MacBookPro /Users/ebratton/DOWNLOADS/Spark.app/Contents/MacOS/JavaApplicationStub: /Users/ebratton/Library/Logs/Java/JavaNativeCrash_pid21904.crash.log

Jul 30 08:35:17 MacBookPro crashdump[21950]: JavaApplicationStub crashed

Jul 30 08:35:17 MacBookPro crashdump[21950]: crash report written to: /Users/ebratton/Library/Logs/CrashReporter/JavaApplicationStub.crash.log

I’‘m getting this error on my MacBook Pro as well. Strangely, I’'m not getting it on my G5.

Same issue here(with Spark 2.5.6) Intel -> crash, PPC -> works

I’m using OSX 10.4.10 with Spark 2.5.6 and it crashes in the same way as described in the OP. Using a macbook pro (Intel).

Same on 2.5.7 (Intel)

I too am having the same problem. I am running 10.4.10 on a Macbook Pro (intel) with Spark 2.5.7. In fact my luck with voice chat on the last few versions of spark has been pretty dismal. I don’t know if this is related but I also have a problem with the skinned versions of spark not working with Intel Versions of Mac OS X - they just crash on launch . Can someone from Jive please comment on this. If you would like more info I am more than willing to provide any necessary information.



Same here; trying to run Spark 2.5.7 on a Mac Mini running OSX and it crashes when someone attempts to initiate a voice call.

I’d love to have this feature in Spark – what can be done?

(Edit: It’s an Intel processor)

Same here, Spark 2.5.4 on Mac, Funny thing the PC client is unaffected!? I wish I could connect iChat to PC Spark client for the voice… But I think that is a pipe dream.


Just to keep this important bug alive, this is still happening. I have OSX Spark 2.5.8 crash immediately after connecting from a Windows client with Spark 2.5.8. Maybe a problem with Jingle?