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Spark 2.5.4: Notification popup - wrong presence icon

  • Send a message to user with away status

  • This user becomes online and sends a reply

  • I’‘m getting popup with message text and username + presence icon in popup’‘s title. It’'s showing Away icon.

  • I press popup and chat window opens. I see online presence icon in the tab.

  • User sends me another message. Popups still show away presence icons.

last seen with 2.5.4, should be the same with 2.5.5

Cant reproduce it now with 2.5.1 and Exodus, Psi. So, probably it’'s gone away.

Yes, this issue has been fixed



No, it’'s not fixed yet. I cant reproduce it on localhost at home with Psi and Exodus on other side. But here at work we just tested with a coworker (both Spark 2.5.1). He changed his status to Away and send me a message, i got a popup with Away icon. Then he changed back to Available and send another message. I got a popup with Away icon.

In our environment people do not use manual Away setting. It only turns on on idle and turns off when user is active again. So there is no way i can get a message from away person. And i’‘m seeing this with Spark all the time. All network is Openfire+Exoduses. But i’'ve never seen that before when using Exodus. And as i tested this with Spark-Spark, there must be something wrong in client.

this is NOT fixed