Spark 2.5.6 Away and DND icons doesnt match main icon design

So, in 2.5.4 or 2.5.3 “chat” icon has been changed to “spark” icon in systray and in Spark chat windows. But it still uses old style “chat” icons for away (yellow) and dnd (red). Maybe it should follow main icon design (some variations of color with that “spark/flame” icon). Because now it looks like two different apps when changing status.

Strange. With 2.5.5 upgrade old “chat” icon came back and is showing in systray. Bug?

2.5.6 - sparky icon is back, but away and dnd icons are the same.

Thanks Wroot. I’ve talked with our UI engineers to make up some nice new icons to go along with the rest of the look and feel.



So, i see that 2.5.7 has new icons. Good