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Spark 2.5.6 MSI fails to install

The spark 2.5.6 msi on the website fails to install with the following message:

“The cabinet file ‘disk1.cab’ required for this installation is corrupt and cannot be used. This could indicate a network error, an error reading from the CD-ROM, or a problem with this package”

This problem has been verified in both XP pro and Vista Ultimate.

This has been fixed in Spark 2.5.7.



In the meantime, while you prepare 2.5.7 it would be nice if you would remove the 2.5.6 MSI link, or add a clear note that it doesn’t work… at all. I shouldn’t have to go searching in the support community to find out the install doesn’t work, never will, and you knew about it all along.

Thank you for making changes and fixes to your products, but please test them before you release them.



If you want to use Spark 2.5.6, I would suggest that you download a program called “Advanced Installer.” It has a freeware option which legally allows you to build simple .MSI for any use.

I got Spark to deploy via GPO by doing the following (Windows XP SP2 Clients only):

-Downloading and installing Advanced Installer on a common test system

-Download and install the .exe version of Spark

-Build a simple MSI package by copying the Spark (C:\Program Folder \Spark) folder as the Application Folder in Advanced Installer. Spark does not have any reg. setting of importants when it install I found.

-I created All User icons from the Spark.exe file for the All Users Start Menu and All Users Startup Menu, and made sure that you need to be an Administrator to install the package.

As a note, the System Tray icon will not work for Spark 2.5.6, but from what I’ve been reading it’s a bug in that version.

Hope this helps, I spent 6 hours trying to get Spark to install from the MSI, before I found out that the posted version was corrupted.

I have spark 2.5.6 installed on several machines, and the tray icon works fine on all of them. The difference may be that the custom MSI that I build for AD deployment includes all the proper registry entries. I also included the kerberos registry settings for SSO to work correctly with windows. I use the product Emco MSI Package Builder. It monitors the installs of the exe for recompile as MSI, including all changes to registry.

The problem of the system tray icon had to do with the fact the

non-admin users don’t have permission to the Spark Program Folder. When

Spark launches, it needs to expand the plugins in the plugin folder.

Since non-admin don’t have write permission in “Program Files,” they

will not expand. I corrected the problem by creating a simple msi that

copies the expanded plugins to the Spark plugin folder. Now system tray

icon works great.

I have sent you a Private Message about a solution for you chnu.

Is there a solution out there (i.e., a fixed .msi)?



They say they will not release a working MSI untill the next version is out.

The programs mentioned above worked for me and allowed me to create my own MSI file. You just have to download the EXE, use it to install Spark, then use one of those programs to make it into an MSI.

Hope that helps!