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Spark 2.5.7 - Command Line Options?

First off, Spark is amazing! I have been loooking for an Internal IM system for a few days now, and Spark fits exactly what we want to do!

I’m trying to make things easier for the department by Auto Signing the users into their Spark IM client, however, the command line options do not appear to work as described. I have been launching: spark.exe username=user&password=pass&server=serveripaddress

and while it brings up the login GUI, it also brings up an error:

password is not recognized as a valid internal or external command

server is not … command…

I guess I assumed this would work based off of a post I saw regarding version 2.5.6 Spark Command Line Login Options.

Did the syntax change? is there new documentation for this?

thanks much!


are you running Spark on Windows? There you may want to create a shortcut to Spark.exe and use these parameters, they work for me without problems.

I assume that you need to quote the parameters within “” if you try this on the “cmd” command line on Linux.


Awesome! you are absolutely correct! I was not using the spark.exe “username=XXX&password=xxxxx&server=XXXXX”

Missed those darn quotes! I updated my program that autoruns the spark client and everything is working very smooth!

thanks much!

Can I run the chat with defined user by command line when Spark is running?

Command Line Startup Options should help you.