Spark 2.5.8/2.6 Beta Display Names

I recently set up Openfire at my company and we are using the embedded database. We have both Spark 2.5.8 and 2.6 around the office (mainly 2.6 Beta) and we are having problems with the names that appear in the contact list. Some people have their full name, some people have a lowercase first name, some people have a properly capitalized first name, some people have (checkpoint is our server). Before I installed then uninstalled the Enterprise server, the user could put their display name in their profile and that is what would appear in the contact list. Now it doesn’t happen anymore and it’s becoming really confusing for the other employees.

Thanks for your help in getting this issue resolved.

If the users manually create their own accounts on the server (not LDAP created), the display name in the spark roster is based on the vCard nickname field. otherwise the name is based on the username as they entered it.

Where is the vCard nickname field?

When each person logs into spark for the first time they need to go to the spark menu and choose edit my profile. Complete as much information as they want but the need to add a Nickname.

Yes, I have those fields filled out. The issue we have is that it doesn’t show up as the person’s name in the roster. Is it worth mentioning that we have everyone set up into shared groups so that everyone receives the most current contact list when they log on?

So every person on your server has their vCard filled out correctly using the format you would like to see. When the users can control their own vCard you have no control over the format of the names as displayed in the roster. LDAP gives you that control, but if that is not an option for you then you have very little recourse other than a manual policing of the roster, and forcing the users to correct their vCard.

I have gone around and told everyone to update their vCard but the names in the roster still do not reflect their custom choice. I’ve tried everything but the names do not refresh, the server has been restarted, all the clients have been restarted and there still is no change.

For example, at Veronica’s machine-- she has the nickname Ronica. I have the nickname SAMMM , I still do not understand why these names do not appear in the roster…

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Ok after further investigation wroot is right in that the shared groups use the name field for the information used in the roster. I would login to the openfire admin page and verify an account such as Veronica has her name field filled out the way you want it. The difference with your setup versus mine which is LDAP is I can define which field is used in the roster.

Hmm… alright, are there plans to have it so shared user groups can designate their display name themselves in the future?

I doubt it as this would require access to the administrative panel of openfire.

In case, at my company we use LDAP in Openfire, but in Spark the contacts are displayed some in full name, and others only nickname. I tried to configure de vCard at console (admin), but nothing change. Where can I find the sintaxe used on vCard ?