Spark 2.5.8 Alert Notification Popup disappear too early,

i’ve a question about the IM Client “Spark”, version 2.5.8.

as little notice, english isn’t my native language, that’s german, but i hope this text will be ok.

This program is used by one of my customers, installed on multiple computers with operating system “Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 3”. (Also Openfire version 3.7.0 is installed on a Server with operating system “Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition”, maybe that’s important too?)

The program is working mostly fine, but there is one function that causes problems to my customer:

If a user sends an alert notification to another user, the message appears as a popup correctly, but it disappears much to early.

Is there a way to adapting spark, that the alert notification will stay on the desktop, until the user will read and close the notification box? Maybe with a button like “X” or “close”?

I searched the community, but found nothing that could handle this little problem.

So i hope somebody knows a solution…

Preferable is a solution without programming because lacking knowledge about that.

thanks @ all

theres no solution without programming

you need to set the time for SparkToastes to something else, i think currently they are somewhere between 3-5seconds

to fully disable the Countdown alittle more ist needed.


gibt keine lösung ohne programmieren.

Du musst die Timer der SparkToaster im Code ändern, immoment sind sie irgendwo zwischen 3-5sekunden eingestellt. Um die Zeitspanne komplett zu deaktivieren muss etwas mehr programmiert werden.

thanks Wolf

so i now know a first direction, programming

my customer wish to deactivate the timer/countdown.

meanwhile i found out, the programming language is java, and found a java-tool “netbeans” by reading this community.

Well, i installed netbeans, but without programming knowledge i’ve no idea what to do…

Do i have to take data of the installation pack, or can i use data from a client that is allready installed? Or can i make something like an update? The timer/ocuntdown must be adapted on ~40 clients.

So what’s the easiest way to handle that?

Could somebody help me a bit, plesae?

Danke Wolf

nun weiß ich immerhin, ich muss programmieren

mein Kunde möchte den Timer/Countdown deaktiviert haben.

inzwischen hab ich erfahren, dass die Programmiersprache Java ist, und habe beim lesen dieser Community das Java-Tool “Netbeans” gefunden.

Naja, Netbeans habe ich zwar installiert, aber ohne Programmierkenntnisse habe ich keinen Plan…

Muss ich Daten im Installationspaket verändern, oder kann ich das auch mit einem installierten Client machen? Oder kann ich sowas wie ein Update machen? der Timer/Countdown muss auf ~40 Clients angepasst werden…

Was wäre also der einfachste Weg, das zu handhaben?

Bitte um Hilfe

you need to modify the source and then generate your own installation file

also programming knowledge is required

to generate your own install/exe file for windows you will need either:

install4j/exe4j , advanced installer , inno-setup(free)+launch4j(free)

Du musst den Quelltext an einigen stellen verändern und danach deine eigene Installationsdatei erstellen

dazu sind Programmierkentnisse nötig (jedenfalls quelltext verändern)

um Install und exe Dateien zu erstellen brauchst du eins der folgenden programme:

install4j/exe4j , advanced installer , inno-setup(kostenlos)+launch4j(kostenlos),

Thanks for help,

i tryed it out, but realized without programming knowledge it isn’t doable for me.

Maybe it will come as a feature in a later version.

Danke für die Hilfe,

habe mich daran versucht, aber ohne Programmierkenntnisse wird das nichts.

Vielleicht kommt das ja in einer späteren Version als Funktion.

Well, we can create a feature request ticket (an option to make popups stay until manually closing them), but this won’t get a high priority probably.

Hi everybody,

i saw the last answer is a few years ago.

So i ask again: Is there a possibilty now, to set the time for the pop-up notification?

Thanks for response

Hallo alle zusammen,

ich habe gesehen, dass die letzte Antwort ein paar Jahre zurück liegt.

Also frage ich erneut: Gibt es mittlerweile eine Möglichkeit, die Zeit der Pop-Up Benachrichtigung einzustellen?

Vielen Dank für die Antworten.

Almost 5 years ago, to be exact Well, there is currently a Roar plugin included with Spark. You can use it instead of toast popups. You can configure its popups staying time. You will find it in the Preferences.

P.S. can we keep the discussion English only? Our spam protection system doesn’t like other languages, so we have to approve every non-English message…

Thank you for your fast response.

I’m sorry, i didn’t tell you that i’m using Mac and roar isn’t working with this OS, right?

There is a Growl Plug-In in the Package but is it necessary to buy the whole Growl-App to use it?

Which version of Spark? As Wolf is a Mac user and is the author of Roar plugin i thought it should work on Mac OS X (which OS X version btw?). I think i saw some screenshots from him of Roar on Mac. I’m not familiar with Mac OS X much, so i don’t know anything about Growl-App.

Im Using:

Spark Version 2.7.5 (391) on OS X 10.10.5


Spark Version 2.6.3 on OS X 10.9.5

Filed as [SPARK-1697] Roar plugins doesn’t work on Mac OS X - Jive Software Open Source

with 2.7.5, please try this

delete the users home folder \application support\spark folder. This is like the appdata folder in windows. Restart spark to recreate it, and then close spark. Now, copy over the plugins and the emoticon folders from the spark application package (right click, show package contents, go to \contents\resources\plugins.) into the home folder\applicaiton support\spark. Run Spark.

I tried it, but there a no changes.

My Problem is not to load the Plug-Ins.

I need to set the time for information pop-ups, but there is only a posibility for on- and offline notifications.

My Problem is not to load the Plug-Ins.

Well, if you could load Roar plugin, you could use it instead of regular toast popups.

Okay, my fault… I thought the Notification Option is based on the roar Plug-In. It seems that i still have Toast, not only to breakfast

So, the Roar is still not working, but toast do not have a time setting? I would love to have just one system for all notifications (Roar preferably). But this is probably easier to achieve adding to Toast popup functionality (taking online/offline setting as example). [SPARK-1700] Add showing time setting for message toast popup - Jive Software Open Source

ok…so I couldn’t get the ROAR plugin to load on mac osx…and I coudn’t figure out why…no debug, not errors…nothing…but then I noticed that in the plugin.xml its set for windows and linux os types… added mac, and it loaded in spark, and started to work. I’m not sure if this is by design or not. did the roar plugin load in previous version of spark?

I don’t think this is by design. As I said Wolf was using it on Mac. So fixing plugin.xml is enough? Should be an easy fix. Make a PR (or i can do this) and we will have a build for testing.

That sounds great ! Is it possible to send me the modified Plugin for testing.