Spark 2.5.8 and MSN Transport not working

I am running Openfire 3.5.1 with Spark 2.5.8 client and the latest IM Gateway plugin. I have never been able to get Spark to work perfectly with MSN via the gateway, but then yesterday something strange happened. I installed the Psi chat client and after I did, an “MSN Transport” group showed up in my Spark client UI (see screenshot) and the MSN/Openfire gateway started working really well (in the past, adding MSN contacts wasn’t working, presence wasn’t working, etc).

If I uninstall the Psi chat client, the MSN Transport group disappears from the Spark client UI and the MSN/Openfire communication is pretty much shut down. Anybody know what it is that would be included in the Psi chat client that Spark is “missing?”

Thanks in-advance,


Do your MSN buddies show up without psi. The ones at the top of the roster, outside the transport group. It could be that that group is being created by psi. My Spark does not have that group but all my MSN buddies work fine.

Thanks for the reply. I think I figured out what is going on but am not sure how to rectify. It appears that because we are using the LDAP integration/support with Openfire that the registrations with the MSN Transport are not going through with a fully qualified name (or “true” JID).

I.e., if I log on to Spark/Openfire using my LDAP sAMAccountName (jcretarolo) and then log on to the MSN Transport/network service from within Spark, I don’t think the registration is using my JID of … so although I can communicate with all the MSN contacts that I have previously added using the MSN Messenger application/client, I can’t add any MSN contacts using the IM Gateway/MSN plugin and Spark and MSN users can’t add me.

When I installed the Psi client, I manually typed in my JID as when registering with the MSN Transport and this seemed to register properly through Openfire / the IM Gateway /MSN plugin. So, when I then opened Spark next, I saw that “Transport” group show up per the attached screenshot and everything started working beautifully.

It appears that the convenient “gateway icons” at the top of the Spark UI result in an inability to specify a fully qualified JID name when registering with the MSN transport (and using LDAP integration).

To test my theory, I deleted my Spark-initiated registration within the Openfire Admin console and re-registered using the manual option (in the Openfire Admin Console) and it worked.

Anyone have any ideas on this one?


Is there any option other than using the XML-RPC interface for allowing end-users to manually register themselves (i.e., workaround the Spark “service icon-based” registration? For example, is there a URL to point them to?

The manual registration for the IM Gateway users is great for admins, but not good for security conscious companies that won’t ask their end-users for their AOL, MSN, etc. usernames and passwords.



I am using pandion and I am also facing similar problem ,I have 3.5.1 server and I am using Pandion as client ,I have installed IMgateway plugin on the server

but I am not able to see the transports in pandion ,it works for a while I tested with one user but after that I am not able to see it pandion ,Please help