Spark 2.5.8.: Check for updates works now


after some investigation, the update mechanism works again for Spark 2.5.8 clients. They will be informed about 2.6.0 on the web site.


I’ve noticed a minor problem with the update mechanism since it began working in that the update files are downloaded and saved to the users roaming profile. On our domain the roaming profiles are limited to the maximum size of 30MB (Microsoft imposed limit). This has meant that anybody who installs the update gets a profile warning and cannot log off until the install files are manually deleted.

sorry, that seems to be your problem

we cannot modify the download location for 2.5.8,2.6.0 or 2.6.1 clients

Its potentially a problem for anybody using roaming profiles. Granted its easy to resolve either manually, via script or by excluding the Spark updates folder from the roaming profile using GPOs, I just thought I would mention it so that it may be avoided in future versions, possibly by having updates downloaded to the temp folder. For those not using quotas on their roaming profiles it could have a significant hit on server storage and logon times seeing as the exe is in excess of 30MB; every 25 - 30 users who update means 1GB of server storage used.