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Spark 2.5.8.msi download


where can I get a working Spark 2.5.8.msi? I got a steady voice on Spark 2.5.8.exe. I need Installer MSI for all users!

I found the installer 2.5.8.msi. there is no Java libraries how to add java in msi?

Old versions of Spark are not supported, MSI is not supported. There is noone here to answer such questions. You will have to find a way to add Java and then biuld your own msi installer with some packager like Advanced Installer or similar. Btw, Spark’s MSI installer was buggy and had some issues.

thanks! I collected msi… 2.5.8 the only one that realizes sip.

Ignite Realtime http://community.igniterealtime.org/index.jspa Thank

you! I collected msi! Now in my company are all making calls over the

Spark + Sip background plugin.

The next step will be to make calls using Sparkweb. Could you advise me what

is in this issue?

SparkWeb is not developed anymore. Check the blog and look for audio/video calling entries by Dele, maybe you will find something useful. http://community.igniterealtime.org/blogs?start=0&numResults=30