Spark 2.5.8 (OS X Release)

Whenever we upgrade a user to 4GB of RAM running 10.5.5 OS X Spark starts, populates all of the users then shuts down. We’ve tested by reducing the amount of RAM below 4GB and then Spark runs properly. Anyone else heard of this problem I’m not certain it may only be affecting Mac users I haven’t had a chance to test this issue on XP or Vista yet but plan to.

I’m running with 5 gigs of RAM in Vista and don’t seem to have this problem, seems very bizzare, sure it’s not your JVM ?

Might be I think Apple release a new JVM recently I just checked and I’m

running java version "1.6.0_07 what version does this release of Spark

prefer? I just downloaded and tried to run the new 2.60B2 and the same

results, nothing is even written in the error logs I also turned on the

debugger and it shuts down when Spark does.