Spark 2.5.8 & Vista & "standard user"

Hi all,

I have setup an Openfire server in an intranet setup. I have started installing Spark on our computers. Spark installs fine but, will connect only on our XP pcs. The Vistas are not connecting. They try but, nothing happens. There are no errors logged (that I can find). I have had several programs that are critical to us that I have had to change permissions on to get them to run on Vista. So this is not new territory for me. Vista expects files that need to be writable to the specific user, to be installed in the “users” folders (much like Linux, M$ is finally starting to get it). Can anyone point me to a list of files and where they install to so I can try adjusting permissions until I find the right one(s)? Or has someone already figured this one out? I looked through the list but found nothing that helped much.



The program installs in the standard “C:\Program Files\Spark” (“C:\Program Files(x86)\Spark” 64-bit) and user settings are stored in “C:\Users\username\Spark”. Unless you are running a restrictive GPO you should not need to tweak any permsissions to get Spark running on VIsta, I have been running it on Vista 64-bit for quite a while now and no issues.