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Spark 2.5.8 will not go idle

I have been having this problem since 2.5.5 but spark will not go idle. I have deleted the whole installtion folder and reinstalled.

Any help would be great!! We are using fastpath and it always shows me available even when I have been gone all day!


What OS? =)

Microsoft Vista


What installer did you use? It looks from a previous jira issue that this is fixed by using Java 6.

I use the spark with the jre included.


There’s two choices. One with MSI, one with EXE. Which one? =)

EXE version

Huh. Not sure what to tell you. It looks like that ought to be coming with java 6. I don’t have vista handy unfortunately. (not yet) It’s supposed to be ont he way so I can test these things. =/

So I’ll go about it this way… is anyone else seeing this with Vista? Can I get another confirmation?