Spark 2.5.9.: Any release date planed


is there any date set for 2.5.9 or a nightly build available ?

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If anything, with enterprise plugin going opensource, this is probably further off than ever before.

It is beginning to look like I will never get to see the escapable names fix for Spark any time in the near future… been waiting for almost 2 years for my names NOT to show up as “Ted\20Miller” when they sould show up as “Ted Miller” in chat and other areas… I was close to it, it WAS slated to be addressed in 2.5.9, but recently those fixes were pulled…



Perhaps that is just a config issue? I am a new user, but using openfire 3.5.0 on fc7/mysql with XP and Vista clients (spark 2.5.8, jabbim .4, etc.) authenticating against Server 2003 AD and we see Firstname Lastname in the roster, chat windows, etc.

I use 2.5.8 with Openfire 3.5.0 installed on CentOS and display names show up as First Name only in the roster and in chat it shows up as my Active Directory Alias. It does sound like a config issue within the openfire.xml file perhaps…???

Do you have any spaces in your names? or are they tedmiller not ted miller?

Perhaps. Although not sure where that is set. When you go into your users on the web admin page, what do you see for username and name?

he is listed as: ted miller <— exactly as that… underlined and all… It is definately a spark problem, as there were escapable names problems a couple of builds ago in Openfire, but Gato fixed those a while back…

is that the username, sAMAccountName in AD? or is that the display name? we have display names with spaces but not usernames and we don’t see the \20 problem using spark in xp and vista and openfire on linux.

I am not using Openfire via AD. ALL my 500+ users I created manually… There are 3 Jira cases open for this issue. I have been able to replicate the problem to the dev team. Literally if I go into the admin console and create “susie crabtree” , and go to a machine and launch spark, log her in, and start a chat with someone, her name shows up in the chat window as “susie\20crabtree” EVERY time. it used to be in alot of other places in spark, but derek took care of most of them, but a couple of areas still show this problem… spark 575,706,731 are a few…

From what i’ve been Told, a lot of work has been put into 2.5.9 and I’m sure at some stage there will be a release, unfortunately, there is no release date and may not be one for some time, although feel free to check out the SVN.