Spark 2.6.0 b2 to final

I’d like to ask when will Spark 2.6.0 go from beta to final?

Thanx for the answers.

I know we have been told “when its ready”, but I just want to say how awesome it looks and the Mac version is coming along great! Im preparing to roll this out to my entire companay and may very well wait until this version comes out, its much easier than the user education involved in Adium.

Can’t wait!

Aiming for the 1st of November.

Thanks for the update!


Just to be a little annoying user :

Is this release date still realistic?

(I really need one feature of it, but I can’t deploy beta software)

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you may want to avoid b2 for a enterprise setup. There is at least one nasty bug regarding groups that would give your helpdesk a hell of a time. The patch was submitted to Winsrev.

I wouold also expect the inclusion of Smack 3.1.0 which became available as beta a couple of days ago. An additional beta might be realistic, but final . . .



and what is this rather nasty bug?

sixthring wrote:

and what is this rather nasty bug?

yeah. i have been using 2.6.0b1 for quite some time now and i didnt notice any nasty errors.

The “nasty” bug is refering to the handlng of roster items that belong to an empty group. Here are the details:

As said before: winsrev has our patch and he may include it in 2.6.0.