Spark 2.6.0 Beta2 and Yahoo IM

I have been running Spark 2.5.8 and a while back would get the message from Yahoo stating that the version I was running was no longer support and to upgrade the Yahoo IM messenger. I nolonger get the message but can not login to the Yahoo IM. I have downloaded and installed Spark 2.6.0 Beta2 but still cannot login to the Yahoo IM. I have no problems with AIM.

Is there a solution for this? I searched the posts but could not find anything on this. I did see the notice about installing kraken but not instructions on how.


read teh announcements at the top of the community page.

I read the annoucement at the top of the cummunity page about the kraken plugin vs the IM plugin, but there are no instructions on how to install it or replace the IM plugin with the kraken plugin. I went to the link and all I got was the file karken.jar. What do I do with this jar file? Where does it need to go and what name should it have in its final destination?



  • uninstall IM Gteway plugin

  • drop kraken.jar into /openfire/plugins directory or use Upload Plugin option on the Plugins page (at the bottom, you should browse to kraken.jar).

Kraken will use IM Gateway’s settings.