Spark 2.6.0 doesn't minimize to system tray

Just got a notification (again) about an available update. So, I did the update.

I wanted to see if there was a fix to the chat window scroll. I always had to manually scroll to read the latest comment.

However, now the main Spark window doesn’t seem to minimize to the system tray. It minimizes to the Taskbar. I can then right click the system tray and click hide, and it will hide the Taskbar button. But, it won’t stay hidden. Upon re-open of the Spark main window, the Taskbar button re-appears and requires to start the process all over again to hide it.

Also, the Spark window doesn’t come to the front although I have Always On Top turned on in the file menu and Bring Window To Front in preferences\notifications.


Shortly after making the post I discovered that I had forgotten the method to minimize to the tray by simply clicking the ‘X’. But when I first looked for a way to edit my post, I couldn’t find it. I guess that part of being a first time poster. Anyway thanks to all.

The scroll issue can not be reproduced until now. It may be related to a history file, but we did not obtain one until now that allowed a reporduction.

Minimizing of Spark to the system tray is doen by using [x].[-] is minimizing to the task bar, as it should be.

Bring to front for chat windowns and Stay on Top for the main window work for me in a nightly (2.6.1 final).

I would suggest to rename the profile folder, create a new profile and recheck. May be related to a profil copying error.

Scroll issue probably is not related to history files. because it is happening to me with a completely new user. Btw, Walter, have you (i mean Wolf) reduced the amount of messages appearing in the recent history as a workaround for this issue? Actually i prefer to see more messages as it was. Now it probably shows around 20 last messages.

As Walter has described Spark doesn’t have a minimize to tray button. Also it looks like you want it to be hidden in the taskbar even then you open the roster. And you refer to an update so one may think you were using older version which supported this. I don’t remember any version supporting such feature (opening roster window without showing it in the taskbar). There was a ticket for this feature in the bug tracker i think, though i can’t find it at the moment. Also Spark 2.5.8 was minimizing to taskbar too.

Always on Top is also working for me in the latest version (Windows XP) for the roster and for the chat window. Bring window to top works fine too.