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Spark 2.6.0beta2 - Red5 Plugin - Windows Vista

I had the Red5 plugin working correctly from within Windows Vista. I pulled the red5-plugin.jar from the plugins folder temporarily to try and modiy the red5.properties, because I was testing changing the port it was looking on, from 8080 -> 7070, to try and be able to connect back to my server from outside my firewall; however, now, when I try to install the plugin again. Two things happen:

  1. The plugin partially loads, and have some selectable options, but not fully installed.
  2. It is not listed as installed under plugins.

Again, this was working correctly. I even re-installed Spark, placed an original, unmodified version of the plugin in back in the folder, with the same results. I am at whits end now. If you could help out, it would be greatly appreciated.

My other question is, I was having difficulty getting Red5 to work outside my firewall. I opened ports: 5222, 7777 (which worked correctly), 1935, 5229, 5070-5099, 3000-3029, and 7070 for http binding, however, it still will not work elsewhere. When the plugin worked correctly, it would pull up as if it were going to try and connect, then I would get a page could not be displayed error. Thank you in advance!

Ok, I got the plugin portion of Spark resolved. With the second portion, not working with the client outside my firewall. Thank you in advance again.