Spark 2.6.0RC1 keeps prompting for update

Made Spark 2.6.0RC1 Active client package in client management on openfire and after the client is automatically upgraded, it still prompts for an upgrade. If the user selects YES - the process hangs, if you select NO, it will prompt again later.

So far the fix seems to be to revert the Active Client package to 2.5.8 - but that’s a workaround.

Thus far, RC1 seems buggier than Beta2 - which is odd.

Well, this is not a Spark bug. I think Client Management plugin doesn’t support beta/rc version, so it “thinks” 2.5.8 is the latest. RC1 in many parts is completely different from Beta 2 as many code parts was replaced with the opensource code. It still has some bugs, which we hope to fix until the final version.

i had a similar problem with a self compiled package. spark checks for updates after a minute and all users had to click no do not restart spark. in my case it was a crippled compilation setup with some wrong paths that was generating that issue. After setting it up correctly in my netbeans the error was gone. in the meantime i deleted the updatechecks from the source with the same result. i think a server side parameter would be nice to disable client update checks or someone checks the updatelogic…