Spark 2.6.2 Broadcast Support

It appears that using the Actions Menu and selecting Broadcast only works if you are using the Luna Theme on my computer.

Here are the steps I used.

  1. Use a different theme (I tested Nimbus and Windows Theme)

  2. Click on Actions

  3. Click on Broadcast Message

  • Nothing happens.
  1. Switch Themes JTattooLuna.

  2. Click Change Now

  3. Repeate 2-3

  • Works as Expected.

Is anyone else able to duplicate this?


tested on OSX10.6.8 with:

Metal, MacOSX broadcast not working

Luna broadcast working

errorlogs are empty

also when rightclicking on a group and selecting “Broadcast to Group” nothing happens either

Additionally this is affecting the Right Click Menu>Broadcast Message to Group.

found the bug, will commit fix in 5 minutes

Anything different in the smack debug log?


all done

please try

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Just re-built with the updated code. It is now working for me! Thank you!