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Spark_2_6_3.dmg download is damaged

I downloaded the most recent version of Sparc (spark_2_6_3.dmg) multiple times today and could not get any of the downloads to work:

  • when I open the dmg it doesnt look right… too many file objects and some are semi-transparent. Ive never seen a dmg file look like this when opened.
  • I installed the Sparc.app by dragging it into the Applications folder… the usual process… seemed to install properly… but when I try to lauch the app I get a message that Sparc.app is damaged and should be moved to the Trash.
  • I downloaded again… did this multiple times… got the same results each time.

Hi Stephen,

This is a OSX Mountain Gatekeeper issue, fix it like this:

  • Go to the System Preferences, Security & Privacy tab, General, then set ‘Allow Applications downloaded from’ to Anywhere.
  • Do the install, confirm, etc…
  • Once installed you can reset the ‘Allow Applications downloaded from’ to whatever it was before.
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