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Spark 2.6.3 Message Archiving

Around Feb. 11th we upgraded software and have been having problems ever since. We upgraded Openfire to 3.8.0 and the Message Archiving software to most recent. Now our Message Archiving is no longer letting us view conversations. It appears to be recording conversations, as the number of conversations has been increasing. Unfortunately when I search archive, it will not show any conversations more recent than Feb. 11th!

So we tried uninstalling and reinstalling the Message Archiving Plug-in, twice. I have upgraded to Openfire 3.8.1, still nothing.

I am hoping someone can help me. My next guess is to uninstall and reinstall the whole program, but my users get whiney without the software.

Any ideas?


You are probably hitting this bug OF-611. You can wait for newer version of this plugin which will hopefully have a fix for older archive logs. Simply reinstalling older plugin probably won’t helo as your database was modified with a newer plugin.

Thank you for your help! I will wait for the new plugin, and hope it comes soon.