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Spark 2.6.3 transcript (chat) history bug

Hello all,

i have problem with Spark chat history and couldn’t find solution anywhere.

In location


navigate to folder:

Spark -> user -> user_name -> transcripts

indise this folder are saved conversation in *.XML files that have following problems:

  • duplicate tags and only last one should exist

delete this

delete this

leave this one

  • missing “e>” from message tag in XML file - should be “” not “</messag”

  • sometimes it duplicate brackets “< <” or “</ </” should be only one bracket

From my observations, this problems happend when you upgrade Spark versions in moment when new version start to write in existing *.XML file which brakes XML and you can’t view conversation history. I can manually fix this in Notepad++ but its problem to do this localy on many computers.

  • if i use my local language letters “š, ć, č, đ, ž” in conversation they are displayed in chat window but if i go to search conversation history they are displayed as “Ä, ‡, @…”

Thank you in advance.

I think this should be fixed in the latest 2.7.0 builds (also history pagination added) http://bamboo.igniterealtime.org/artifact/SPARK-INSTALL4J/shared/build-665/Insta ll4j/spark_2_7_0_665.exe

But your older transcripts will have to be fixed manually or you will have to start a fresh.