Spark 2.7.0 build 671 - Appearance Preferences bug

When I am looking through the list of preferences in Spark 2.7.0 build 671, once I click on Appearance the window no longer changes from appearance to any other menu.

To reproduce, open spark, click spark -> preferences, click appearances. click any other preference menu. menu does not change from appearances no matter what menu option you select.

I can’t reproduce this particular scenario. But this is a more general problem in Spark (or in Java maybe). So called racing condition. When program starts it loads various blocks, plugins, etc. and they “race” with each other and load at different times in different environments and situations. So if you hurry to the Preferences right after Spark loads you will see different order of menus or some missing at some points.

If you have time you can try opening Preferences at different times (after the PC start and right away, or after a minute, after the logout and relogin, again right away and waiting for a minute). Also, what operating system?